Pet Food Lawsuit

Falconer Charney LLP has filed class action lawsuits in Toronto against Menu Foods Inc. and nationwide producers and distributors of potentially contaminated pet food listed on the Menu Foods recall list, including Loblaws, Sobeys, Iams, Nutro and Wal-Mart. It is anticipated that additional producers and distributors will be added to the lawsuits in the near future.

The proceedings commenced by Falconer Charney LLP represent the only proceedings to date in Canada to include not only Menu Foods, but the distributors and producers of the pet food products. Falconer Charney LLP is of the opinion that companies who market and sell pet food products under their own brand name are equally responsible for the product’s safety and should be included in the class action.

Falconer Charney LLP is representing pet owners who wish to recover compensation and help prevent contaminated ingredients and poison from entering the pet food chain. Some of the compensation which could be available to pet owners includes payment of veterinary bills, travel expenses to and from the vet, time missed from work, the cost of purchasing pedigree pets and compensation for anxiety, stress and emotional distress.

Pet owners will not be personally charged any legal fees for participating in this class action. If the case is successful, legal fees will be paid by the defendants and from a portion of the compensation funds recovered on behalf of the class.

We are not accepting new cases at this time.